COAX, operational radio 4G 5G

The classic COAX cable has been displaced by twisted pair and fiber optic cables in modern Ethernet networks. However, they are still used today in antenna, transmission and measurement technology because they are unbalanced high-frequency cables. Explicit application areas are professional radio, RFID, GSM, LTE, 4G, 5G or WLAN and amateur radio up to 6 GHz.

Project planning

In order to realize your project in a cost-efficient and timely manner, we offer professional and detailed project planning as well as the survey of existing networks.


For testing wireless networks, we use special RF test equipment to locate RF interference and ensure smooth operation.

Cable pull services

We draw on many years of experience when it comes to cable pulling and laying. Whether indoors or outdoors, we also always rely on the latest technologies.

Fire resistant bulkhead
open / close

As a qualified specialist company, we are highly trained and authorized to open and close fire resistant bulkhead.


We specialize in the rapid resolution of faults of all types and sizes, offering you short response times.


All the work we perform is accurately recorded and documented.