The abbreviation FO stands for fiber optic cable. In these systems, information is transmitted in the form of light signals by means of protons and can not only reach high speeds, but also bridge large distances almost without loss. The conductor itself is made of either plastic or glass – hence the term fiber optic is often used.

Project planning

In order to realize your project in a cost-efficient and timely manner, we offer professional and detailed project planning as well as the survey of existing networks.

Splicing technology

An important factor for the flawless functioning of networks wired with optical fibers is a professional and modern splicing.


We use state-of-the-art measurement methods to ensure accurate attenuation measurement of the fiber optic connections in your network, both before commissioning and during operation.

Blowing systems

Modern blowing equipment and trained personnel ensure professional laying of your fiber optic cables, even over several kilometers.

MTP® /MPO Systems

We provide professional and careful installation of MTP® /MPO connectors for fiber optic networks for contemporary architecture in data centers of any size.


We specialize in various transmission technologies and systems used in different fiber optic network architectures.

Cable pull services

We draw on many years of experience when it comes to cable pulling and laying. Whether indoors or outdoors, we also always rely on the latest technologies.

Fire resistant bulkheads
open / close

As a qualified specialist company, we are highly trained and authorized to open and close fire resistant bulkheads.


We specialize in the rapid resolution of faults of all types and sizes, offering you short response times.


All the work we perform is accurately recorded and documented.