It is often overlooked that there are services that require certain prerequisites. Whether it is the willingness to work even on construction sites abroad, the availability of technologies and resources, experience in unusual working environments and knowledge in specialized areas. According to our company motto “We don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be the best”, we also offer special services professionally.

Work Abroad

We work beyond the borders of our headquarters and are therefore the optimal partner for companies with branches abroad. The willingness to travel is a characteristic that runs through our entire workforce.

High security zones

The support of data centers in mines or other high-security zones requires not only a high level of trust, but in most cases also a strict inspection by the client.

Blowing systems

Blowing-in systems are a major issue, both in terms of diversity and the technical effort required. We have also adjusted and specialized in this area for each situation.

Scaffold riser

Our employees are trained to provide services in higher application areas, such as hall ceilings, while observing all safety measures

Major construction site

Working on large construction sites requires strict coordination and regulated processes. We have the know-how to handle and implement even large orders for you.


Working in shafts also requires know-how and experience that we have. Circumstances such as water and CO2 must be taken into account as well as the professional opening and securing of the construction site.


As at great heights or in shafts, working in tunnels also requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge, which we have already been able to demonstrate on projects such as the Kaisermühlentunnel.